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by Bunny


If you have a Gmail account, you are not limited to using it only from your PC or laptop. You can set it up virtually on any mobile device out there. Iphone users being among the majority of mobile browsers enjoy adding a list of email accounts including Gmail on their cell phone. The procedure is accomplished in a few steps under the settings with a form being used to type in your username password and a descriptive word for verification. If the verification is successful, choosing Gmail from the list of other email accounts if any loads all the features and labels starting with the inbox.

The benefits of using Gmail email on a mobile phone can be enjoyed by everyone who has any of such devices that have connection to the internet and capable of browsing. Typing in “” at the address bar of the browser on the mobile phone will load the mobile version of Gmail where you will be able to access a number of useful features. Even if you may lack most of the advanced Gmail features on some mobile phones, at least you will enjoy Gmail on the go and won’t miss any email arriving at your Inbox. You can compose email messages and even include attachments if the files are stored on your mobile phone.

Different makes of mobile phones may allow adding or accessing a Gmail account differently. It is easier to add a Gmail account on a phone if you had previously signed up or created the account using a computer. At least the most important step to give you access through your mobile phone would be the verification of your login details. Software running on most of the smartphones makes adding a Gmail account fairly simple. That is why iphone and blackberry users will not find it difficult to add and enjoy Gmail while on the go.

With so many applications for the smartphones and other mobile phones, users can enjoying access and use of most if not all features of Gmail. There are different browsers for mobile phones that make it even easier to access the account by just signing in with your username and password. Phones with limited capabilities as far as browsing the internet is concerned should at least support a browser that can load “”. Even if you end up accessing the basic features of the mobile view at least you can perform the most important mailing tasks on the go.

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